Hi! I’m Tina and thrilled you’re ready to improve your life! 

First, I’ll tell you about my journey toward holistic healthy living 

Blending the mind and body for a wholesome result 

Changing my Approach to Health changed my Life 

My name is Tina, and I am a certified practitioner who specializes in holistic wellness and trauma coaching. I believe that our past experiences shape who we are, and by unpacking and understanding these experiences, we can achieve personal growth. From disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food to competing in physique competitions and facing hormonal imbalances, my journey to holistic health was a long and challenging one. I tried different therapies and sought answers for years until I discovered the power of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. My experience led me to understand the critical role that physical symptoms can play in perpetuating mental health conditions. I am now dedicated to empowering others to take control of their health and wellness journey.

Healing the Mind and Body through Compassionate Trauma Coaching and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition 

I created Wellness Rooted to help you improve your health and well-being. Yes, that’s a huge statement, but I know it’s possible because I’ve done it for myself. I know that trusting someone, especially now, is difficult. So, before you tell me about the changes you want in your life, let me tell you how I changed mine.

My struggles with disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with my body began when I was 21. I developed a controlled and restrictive diet and exercise regimen, losing a lot of weight and feeling proud of my progress. However, in 2011, I realized that I needed to make a change. I turned to the world of physique competitions in hope of improvement, and competed in 7 events in my first year, putting my body through a lot of stress. At that time, I was at a single-digit body fat percentage and over-dieted, which led to issues with body image and irregular menstrual cycles.

Despite seeking the help of coaches and naturopaths which led me to Functional Diagnostic Nutrition I still struggled with stubborn body fat and bloating. Even after I went through my two pregnancies, I struggled with this. More importantly, I was not happy with how I looked, and it felt like a constant balancing game where my body was not cooperating which only led to frustration.

In 2021, I came across a program in psychedelic prep and integration coaching and decided to pursue the certification. During my work with my Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Prep and Integration coach, I had an epiphany - my bloating may have been why I was perpetuating my eating disorder cycle. Once the bloating was gone, healthily tackling dieting and fitness became possible.

This realization led me to merge the world of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition while utilizing my coaching skills to address the root of physical symptoms. My ultimate goal is to help others heal themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally through a model of proactive healthcare that is trauma-informed and uses a holistic mind-body approach.

I'm a certified Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Prep and Integration Coach as well as a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and student of Gabor Maté's trauma training. I have a comprehensive toolbox full of skills to support the mind and body with compassion and understanding in a wholesome manner.

With my experience and qualifications, you can achieve your health and wellness goals.

Integral healing is possible 

I've made it my mission to share my passion for holistic health care and support people through their traumas because I know there’s so much more than that.  

Get to know me a little bit better 

Random Tina Facts 

Favorite indulgence

Dairy Free Netflix and Chill Ice Cream

celeb i'd love to meet


Guilty pleasure

Trashy Reality Television Shows - The Circle, Love is Blind - You know the ones

alternate universe job:

Anything where I get to play with animals

favorite place i've been:

Antigua, Guatemala

drink of choice

Mmmm Flat White

can't live without


usually craving

Hummus or Peanut Butter

beach vs mountains


favorite show to binge

Any Trashy Reality Show Listed Above