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Hi there, I'm Tina, and I'm thrilled to be your partner on your health and wellness journey. When “everything” has failed when it comes to addressing your gut health, it’s time to change the way you’re approaching the problem, I can help you do that. I work with a holistic approach to your well-being that addresses the root causes of physical challenges through emotional discovery. My training in psychedelic prep and integration and trauma-informed care translates into an effective and unique method that can transform how you approach your health.

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Achieve an External and Internal Health Transformation 

Welcome to Wellness Rooted! I help people heal themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. My mission is to help you unlock your body's full potential so you can live your happiest, healthiest life. 

here's what i do:

Heal your Trauma and Recover Fully  


Current health issues can be symptoms of untreated past trauma. Without proper understanding, it’s impossible to move forward. As a fully certified practitioner, I will guide you through inner discovery to resolve what your body has been storing. I will help you realize what’s holding you back and integrate everything into your daily life. This will transform your approach to wellness and your life.  


Get to the Root with a Personalized Plan  

By looking at your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification pathways, energy levels, and nervous system, we can identify areas where your body may be struggling and create a personalized protocol to support its healing. Lab analysis are a crucial component that provides us with important data to guide you with your unique needs. I’ll ensure that you're on the right track toward optimal wellness.


Expertise and Personal Experience  

I have extensive expertise in the fields of trauma coaching, psychotherapy, and functional diagnostic nutrition. With over a decade of knowledge, I am committed to helping clients achieve optimal wellness. Through a unique approach that comprehensively merges body and mind, your health can be transformed. Sometimes, you just need to change the questions to get the right answers. 

Are you ready to achieve optimal health and vitality? You deserve that. True wellness requires addressing the interconnectedness between the mind and body. Through a range of holistic services designed to help you, we will uncover and process the root cause of your physical challenges. I provide personalized plans to restore balance and wellness in your life through functional diagnostic nutrition, trauma coaching, psychedelic preparation and integration, and more.

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Your journey toward weight loss should not be about restriction and despair but about understanding and nurturing your body. This quiz is designed to give you some insight into what could be causing the weight loss resistance you're experiencing and provide some first steps to guide you to work with your body on a path of healing and transformation.

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Whether you're dealing with physical ailments, emotional stressors, or simply seeking to unlock your full potential, I’m here to support your journey. I’ve been through a journey myself, and I know the power and freedom that’s on the other side, I want that for you! 

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